The Financial Life Planning Institute has developed a website designed specifically for Canadian advisors. Advisors can license the site for use in creating financial life plans for their clients. The site can be customized to accommodate the advisor’s own branding such as a logo or other image.

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Investors Group Financial Services
has chosen to partner with The Financial Life Planning Institute to introduce the concept of financial life planning to Canada. Investors Group will be the first financial services organization in Canada to have access to The Institute’s programs. With more than 4,000 Consultants and over a million clients, Investors Group is a leader in providing personal financial planning services throughout Canada.

Developed and customized specifically for Investors Group, the program arms Consultants with the tools needed to fully connect a client’s financial plans and personal goals. Available in both English and French, Consultants are able to customize the approach they are already using with clients during conversations about that client’s specific life situation. By using these tools and personalizing the experience, Consultants will be able to engage the client in a more productive and fulfilling way. For the first time, Investors Group clients in Canada will be able to enjoy the benefits of The Institute’s financial life planning programs, while helping Investors Group Consultants build a profitable and value-added practice.


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