The Financial Life Planning Institute (FLPI) is a global organization based in Rochester, MN. Our mission is the promotion of Financial Life Planning. FLPI continues to expand and develop the ideas and concepts of financial life planning through partnerships with:

Broker Dealers and RIAs. The Institute supplies customized and scalable, web-based financial planning tools as well as training and coaching on Financial Life Planning.

Universities. In an effort to help future planners understand the life-centered approach to planning before they enter the workplace, the Institute has donated its software and expertise to two of the leading financial planning schools in the world—Texas Tech University and the University of Georgia. The Institute's founder, Mitch Anthony, has collaborated with Texas Tech University to develop Financial Life Planning courses, including a fully accredited Master's level program.

News Media. With the Institute’s unparalleled database and research on the issues facing financial planners and their clients, the Institute is on the forefront of changing trends when it comes to Financial Life Planning. Mitch Anthony is a sought-after expert by the media when it comes to issues surrounding financial life planning and the future of the financial services industry.

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