Whether by choice or circumstance, retirement as we know it is changing.
Without a comprehensive plan, a retirement spent sipping martinis and
playing golf can end up being more of a dead end than a dream. The New Retirementality Profile helps advisors provide that comprehensive plan by analyzing a client’s non-financial goals. Once those goals are determined, advisors will be able to develop a plan that matches the results of the Profile with a plan for funding them. The Profile is centered on four success factors of retirement:

Success Factor #1: Visioning –– An analysis of a client’s individual goals and wishes.

Success Factor #2: Balance ––An analysis of how clients currently spend their week compared to how they would like to spend it.

Success Factor #3: Collecting a Playcheck –– An analysis of how work will be integrated into a client’s life going forward.

Success Factor #4: S-Aging –– An analysis of what motivates clients as
they move forward.

The New Retirementality Profile is designed to help advisors develop a
personalized financial life plan for clients––one that looks beyond simply
providing a number. Instead of being viewed as an isolated economic event, this tool will help you and your client look at retirement as an extension of what and who they are.




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